"You have to stop buying toys,"

She said one evening in June 2011. Against my wife’s advice, I tried an idea that could pay for all the Iron Man, Star Wars, and animal toys I was buying my son. I spent $400 on clearance toys at a few big box retailers and listed them on eBay. Within a month, I sold them all for a profit. The experiment successful, I launched MyMyToyStore, an online toy and collectibles company.

From these humble beginnings in retail arbitrage, I scaled the company into an operation that purchases directly from manufacturers and satisfies its customers from a  custom-built, in-house fulfillment center.

This remains the only time I’m glad I didn’t listen to my wife.

— Tom Harrison, Founder

Who we are
MyMyToyStore is a Black-owned company that celebrates the IMAGINATIONWONDER, and FUN in pop culture. 

It was founded from a childhood spent reading comic books, playing with Star Wars and G.I. Joe (kung-fu grip) action figures, watching every super- and scifi-hero on the big and small screen, and filling the space in between with MTV. 

Unfortunately, pop culture has a dark side. Its history includes open expressions of racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia. It openly traded in stereotypes. Indeed, the “golden age” of these art forms often signalled its opposite. 

Fortunately, each “golden age” has given way to a “modern era”. The old currency is being retired and replaced with a currency based on authentic storytelling and expression. This progress was not an inevitable evolution, but rather the product of bold creatives pushing themselves in front of the camera, grabbing microphones, and putting imagination to paper so that long-suppressed voices and experiences could be seen and heard. 

MyMyToyStore actively supports positive creative expression. As literal pieces of culture, toys and collectibles mold our communal views. We believe toys should spark genuine love, fun, and wonder. Sometimes, that means we swim against the tide of our own industry, which still has a soft spot for nostalgia.  We pursue this mission  explicitly in our purchasing decisions through our choice of product lines and by highlighting independent designers. 

As a result, MyMyToyStore carries cooler products than any other toy and collectibles site. While a piece of plastic, die-cast, or vinyl will not change the world, these mini pieces of art can at least reflect and celebrate the best our planet’s cultures have to offer.

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